Collaborative Divorce

How does collaborative divorce work?

First to start the process of a collaborative divorce, you would need to pick up the phone and give Bart a call. Once you start a case with Bart,  you and your spouse will pledge mutual respect and openness. This pledge is the foundation of a collaborative divorce since you two will be a part of a team in this process and make all the final decisions. If you cannot treat each other with respect how can you come to an agreement?

After the pledge of respect, Bart will ask you questions about your needs so he can assemble a team of experts for your divorce. A team of specialists that have experience in everything from childhood psychology to finance, so you can be sure everything is handled and separated properly. These jointly retained specialists will provide information and guidance, helping you and your spouse develop informed, mutually beneficial solutions.

Communication is key to a collaborative divorce, instead of meeting in court you will be meeting in the nearest office of Bartlett Law Firm, so you and your new team can effectively communicate a mutually created settlement. Once all the paperwork is signed, Bartlett Law Firm will handle the rest; as long as you keep your pledge, you should never have to yell or scream or spend a fighting day in court. 

Don't Tear Your Family Apart

Why choose collaborative divorce over traditional litigation?

There are so many reasons why you should give the collaborative process a try. First and everyone's most important point is the cost. With no court dates, and you in control of the timetable costs are much more predicable and can be less expensive than litigation. Another reason would be the timetable, you and your team get to control when you meet, not a judge so you miss less work or have to schedule less babysitter time. It is over all just more convenient for you and your family.

Bart would want you to note that the lawyers in collaborative divorce are working towards a mutually created settlement, not just fighting to win. That in litigation, experts are only hired to support a position usually at a great expense to both you and your spouse. In a collaborative divorce, experts are on your team the entire time, guiding you to a settlement that is peaceful and works for all parties involved. 

Lastly, you should choose collaborative over litigation because the process and ALL discussion or negotiation details are kept private. In litigation, disputes can become a matter of public record and sometimes media gain attention. 

Bartlett Law Firm

Do it for the children!

At the end of the day, the children in divorce torn families are the ones who benefit the most from a collaborative divorce. They get a voice in the process and see less fighting and anger, so in the long run are less damaged by the divorce itself.  You, the parents, control the entire process and the outcome. All custody agreements are what work best between the two of you and your children. No court fights or ugly custody battles. Which leaves more time left for you and your children to move on, heal and learn the new daily routine of life in two homes. 

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