Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Divorce

collaborative divorce

The traditional divorce process can be emotionally and financially devastating. By the time the divorce has been finalized, you will likely have spent thousands of dollars on litigation and caused a great deal of unnecessary pain to your friends and family. If you and your partner would like to find a more constructive way to separate from each other, you will be pleased to know that there is a better option: collaborative divorce.


As a collaborative divorce lawyer in Columbia, SC, Bart Bartlett and his team at the Bartlett Law Firm have helped hundreds of couples file for divorce in an amicable way - and they are ready to help you too. Of course, before you decide to give collaborative divorce a try, you probably have some questions. Give Bart a call!

What is collaborative divorce?

When filing for divorce in the traditional way, you and your partner would each hire a family law attorney or custody lawyer to fight on your behalf. These lawyers then spend months (or years) battling in conference rooms and courtrooms to "win" on your behalf - racking up hundreds of billable hours in the process.

A collaborative divorce with Bart and his team takes what has traditionally been a "you vs. me" process and turns it into an "us vs. the problem" process. It accomplishes this by having you and your spouse work with a joint legal team to handle your divorce. Your legal team will work with both of you to figure out the best solutions to the separation issues that you face.

Collaborative Divorce
Collaborative Divorce

The aim of a collaborative divorce is not to "win." Instead, the aim is to separate assets equitably, treat each other with respect, and ensure that the well being of your children is always carefully considered. While traditional divorces often end with a hefty legal bill and plenty of bitterness on both sides, a collaborative divorce aims to end in a peaceful way - one that allows you and your partner to go your separate ways without any animosity or bad blood.

This more considerate and constructive approach to divorce can prove to be particularly helpful if you and your spouse have children together. By working as a team and carefully considering how your actions may impact their lives, you can reach solutions that minimize the mental and emotional damage caused to your kids - something which a traditional custody lawyer may not be able to accomplish.

How does the collaborative divorce process work?

When you hire Bart Bartlett as your collaborative divorce lawyer in Columbia, SC, you can expect the process to begin with a phone call. During that call, you and your partner will have a chance to explain the specifics of your divorce and arrange an in-person meeting with your new family law attorney.


Once your case begins and you sit down with Bart, you will both be asked to make a pledge to treat each other with respect and remain honest throughout the process. This pledge signals your intention to work together and make all separation decisions as a team.


To help you make those tough calls, you will attend divorce mediation sessions with specialists who are experienced in finance, childhood psychology, and everything in between. These experts will help to provide you with information, guidance, and advice as you strive to find mutually beneficial solutions to your separation challenges. Whether you need assistance devising a custody plan for your child or liquidating some of your assets, your team of experts can help.


When you and your spouse have settled on the best path forward, the Bartlett Law Firm team will draw up the paperwork outlining your wishes. Finally, you will meet with the team to sign on the dotted line and finalize the divorce. Your attorney will file the documentation with the court on your behalf.


Afterward, you and your spouse can shake hands and go your separate ways, having handled your divorce without resorting to yelling, screaming, or fighting. No courtroom, no drama, just a series of reasonable solutions that you can both be happy with.

The Bartlett Law Firm - Collaborative Divorce Lawyer in Columbia, SC

Filing for divorce does not have to be a combative affair. By working with a collaborative divorce lawyer such as Bart Bartlett, you and your spouse can handle your divorce with mutual respect and dignity. To get in touch with a member of the team at The Bartlett Law Firm to start your divorce process, you can call (803) 699-2490. If you would prefer to get started via email, you can reach out to

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