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If you are looking for an Elgin, SC divorce lawyer, you have come to the right place. Attorney Bart Bartlett was born, raised, and educated in South Carolina. Together with his team at the Bartlett Law Firm, he has helped hundreds of clients from across the Palmetto State work through their most personal needs, including estate planning, writing wills and collaborative divorce.

Bart Bartlett is not a traditional family law attorney. He does not believe in the "me vs. you" nature of most litigation-based divorce proceedings. Instead, in an effort to approach the separation in a more constructive and respectful manner, he acts as a collaborative divorce lawyer for his clients. Collaborative divorces are especially helpful for families with a child. When both parents work together, it becomes much easier to come up with custody arrangements that keep the child's best interests at heart.

Aside from being an Elgin, SC divorce lawyer, Bart Bartlett and his team work tirelessly to help local families with just about all of their legal needs. A full accounting of the legal services offered by the Bartlett Law Firm includes:

Whether you are buying your first house, selling an old family home, or simply refinancing your mortgage, Bart Bartlett can assist you throughout the process. As your real estate attorney, he can carefully review contracts before you sign them, ensure that the correct legal processes are followed during your closing, and answer any questions that you might have along the way. You can learn more about how the Bartlett Law Firm can help you with your real estate law needs by clicking here.

Estate Planning

Though creating your Last Will & Testament can be a slightly uncomfortable experience, it is necessary if you want to ensure that your estate ends up in the right hands after you pass away. The Bartlett Law Firm can help you to put together a plan that is designed to look after the financial futures of your family members while preventing any potential infighting over your money, real estate holdings, or other assets. For more information on how Bart and his team can help you with your estate planning needs, click here.

Adoption Law

Welcoming an adopted child into your family is always an exciting experience. However, as anyone who has ever adopted a child in the past will tell you, it can also be quite a lengthy and complicated process. As your adoption attorney, Bart Bartlett can help you navigate the tricky maze of paperwork, interviews, and other procedures that make up the modern adoption process. He and his team can handle all of the legal work while you just focus on getting ready for your new addition to the family. Click here to learn more about how the Bartlett Law Firm can help with your adoption.

Collaborative Divorce

For couples who want to end their marriage in a respectful and mutually beneficial manner, a collaborative divorce is a superb option. After all, it allows you to conclude the marriage without the need for intense arguments or lengthy courtroom battles. Bart Bartlett is one of just a few family law attorneys in the entire state of South Carolina who has the training and expertise to practice collaborative family law. Learn more about how this Elgin, SC divorce lawyer can help you with your separation by clicking here.

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